Many of you have been asking for a settings menu, or at least a commands guide.  We are pleased to announce that we have made another quick release honouring your request.  

Tap your menu button to see your options, then tap "Examples" to see a list of Cyman's capabilities by category.  Tap on a category to reveal commands, and select one to see the template appear in your text box.  You can edit the command if you wish, but you are an 'Enter' key away from giving Cyman your command. 

There are many other improvements we have made conversation wise, check out the release notes on

PS - Originally, we released version 1.4 which contained a few bugs.  These have now been addressed
We have just released version 1.3 of the Cyman Mark 2 Alpha on the Android market (rather soon after the last release!).  With this, those of you on Android 2.2 should be able to download Cyman now.  You are our testers - so do provide feedback on how well it is working on different versions and devices!

Thanks to those of you who asked about presenting the temperature in fahrenheit - if you ask Cyman for the weather 'in celsius' or 'in fahrenheit' once, he will remember to always give you the temperature in those units.

Check the Android market for the release notes for Cyman Mark 2 Alpha v 1.3!
We have been listening to your feedback and correcting things over the last week where we have had almost 200 total installs.  Chief of these was Cyman's handling of timezones when telling you the time, setting your alarm, or setting reminders.

Here are the release notes for Cyman Mark 2 (Alpha) v1.2:
v 1.2
Check our twitter page for suggestions of commands!

Reinstates your alarms after install (no need to restart device)
Timezone enhancements (gives the correct time, sets correct alarms and reminders)
Fixed further alarm bugs:
- "Cancel my alarm"
- "Set my alarm for ..."
- "Wake me up at ..."
Setting a new alarm replaces the old one
Send a text message by saying "text message"Some understanding improvements
First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience with Cyman in it's Alpha infancy.  Know that we are constantly improving Cyman behind the scenes as we listen to your feedback.  Certain things you have tried before that did not work could be working (especially if you sent us feedback).  Whilst we may not answer each and every message, we do take each and every message into account.  We are working as fast as we can - and we are but two people!

You may have seen that we have a twitter account.  Do follow us there to get tips on things to say to Cyman as we fill you in. We are also improving Cyman to answer your queries.

There are some known bugs we are working on for coming updates:
1/ Accounting for timezones when setting alarm
2/ Other alarm bugs (will be fixed in the next release)
3/ The need to reboot your device to retain reminders (fixed in the next release)
4/ Some experiencing sound problems (we urge you to check your Android settings under 'Language and Input' to see if you have text-to-speech features set up)

Thank you for your support!
So, Cyman Mark 2 (Alpha) is released on the Android Market.  Do take a look at our other pages to get an understanding for what we are aiming for.  Note that the intelligence of Cyman will keep improving over time.  There are features yet to be perfected which, over time, will be corrected. You can help by sending us feedback (please include your phone model and OS version).

In the meantime, we would like to demonstrate how the Cyman Mark 2 will work - with a glimpse of how it can interact with the Mark 1 (the desktop version) which is still in development.
Mind you, we have not been able to find it in the Android Market yet.  Once it gets published we will let you know! The app will do well if you provide feedback, there is a lot more we wanted to do, but we will provide updates as we go along.
Welcome to the first post from the Cyman System Team! 

Well, the first on this site anyway.  We have normally posted on our Facebook, Google+ and You Tube pages primarily.  All this is about to change.  Whilst we will still serve our loyal fans on those social networking platforms (Twitter coming soon), breaking news about our progress, software updates, and relevant news feeds will be released here first.

We will cut off here as we are quite busy working towards a fairly insignificant event... like, say, our very first release on Saturday 11-2-12: Cyman Mark 2 - Alpha!