In the last month or so (coincidentally after Marvel's Avengers was released) we experienced a large increase in Cyman users.  Given we are in alpha, we were very pleased! At the same time, we found we were not able to respond to every email anymore, and we've had a couple of server issues.  But know that each and every one of your emails, Google+ posts, Facebook posts and YouTube comments are read, and feedback is noted.

This new 1.81 release comes with some of the most popular suggestions.  We prioritised our improvements according to what you wanted.  The result?
  • Play music from your default music player
  • Conversation mode! (See settings)
  • Activate speech at any time with the voice dialling button on your bluetooth earpiece
  • Activate speech with your hands-free media button (as long as the setting is turned on)
  • Setting to announce your reminder item
  • Updated examples in settings menu
  • Crash/stability fixes
  • Android 4.0 ICS users:
  • UI updates
  • Your settings menu is now visible!
We are about to have a short break (and we were not intending to release another version until after we were back... but we couldn't help it!We won't be gone for long, but please do support us by 5-star-ing our app on Google Play, or giving us a +1 there!  As always, keep sending us feedback through our Contact Page.  Don't you worry, we have not forgotten about Cyman Mark 1... or about iOS...

We have been busy with other things for the time being and will be on a break soon. But thought we would leave you with a few updates based on popular feedback.

You can now call the app Jarvis - or any other nickname!
- For example: "change your name to Jarvis"
Set reminders for your friends!
- For example: "remind Rhodey to pack my dvd tonight"
Send quick texts in one sentence
- For example: "text Pepper saying I am going to be late again"
The option to have Cyman use your browser for every web link
- Say "set browser to external" to always open in an external browser.
- Say "set browser to internal" to open web pages within the Cyman application (in most cases)

All these updates have made their way into your system without having to update your app... enjoy!