We have been silent for a while - no updates in the last 3 weeks and no blog posts.  But that does not mean we have not been busy! We have been reading all (and I mean all) of your feedback through our website, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube sites and figuring out the features you want the most... and indeed the features you like the most which we can improve.  Not to mention thinking about the Desktop Cyman Mark 1 platform along with integration with the Android Cyman Mark 2.  Let us not forget we are thinking about an iPhone app for the Cyman Mark 2...

Add to that our regular day jobs and life changes, and what you have is a long period of silence.  But we will be back with awesome innovation - a lot of which comes from your own suggestions!

So please don't stop giving feedback, do give us a good rating on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyman.android) if you feel we deserve it, +1 the app and our website, and if you have it in you - please donate using PayPal!

In the meantime, we will be getting some fresh ideas for Cyman from Iron Man's JARVIS in the new Marvel's Avengers Assemble movie!