Happy new year to all!

It has been a while since our last blog entry.  The Christmas period was a very busy one, which meant the releases over the last three months have mainly been bug fixes to Cyman Mark 2 for Android.  Thank you to all who have been sending us email, Google+ posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube comments and reviews on Google Play! They have really helped us nail down the bugs we have been able to fix.  Even if you do not get a response, rest assured that we read all the messages and act on them.

Aside from the fixes, we have also brought to you:
- A hang man game you can play by voice with Cyman
- The ability to plan journeys based on time: for example, "I need to get to London Victoria by 4pm"
- Use of the more natural sounding British voice for Jelly Bean Android users, which Google Voice also uses

So what will 2013 bring? We are approaching a year since Cyman Mark 2 was released, and we want to make sure you get something new this year.  The inspiration for Cyman came from the JARVIS System from Iron Man, and given Iron Man 3 will be released this year, we will be gathering a lot of fresh ideas!

This year we will bring to you (among other things):

- An updated Cyman Mark 2 with many more widgets
- A more teachable Cyman
- A more proactive Cyman
- Cyman Mark 3 for Google Chrome, bringing Cyman to the masses on the web, and allows you to use Cyman on your home PC's before Cyman Mark 1 is released!

Please keep providing feedback, give us reviews and star ratings on Google Play, and spread the word about your favourite digital butler!

We have been busy... so busy that it has not been easy to improve Cyman's features as fast as we would have liked.  But we finally managed to include a couple of features that the majority of users have asked for, but the bad news is that going forward, we are unable to support Android v2.1. We really want to take Cyman places, and we need later editions of Android to do so - update your Android device!

- An omnipresent Cyman icon in the notification bar.  
From any application, you can tap the notification icon to speak to Cyman directly.

- Cyman can read your incoming texts
If you turn on "read text" mode from your Cyman menu, Cyman will read your texts as they arrive.  A feature to reply straightaway will come soon.

- Cyman can tweet on  your behalf
To allow Cyman access to tweet for you, give him the command "authorise my twitter" and follow the steps on the resulting web page. Eventually you will be given a pin code which you need to type and send back to Cyman.  After thatyou can tweet away like the screenshot on the left!

- The UI has had some minor changes

We have also included the ability to control whether you hear Cyman's battery alerts or not (for those of you who have discovered that he does this!)

We are still working on that "other platform", and this release has a hidden feature to facilitate that... watch this space!

Thank you for supporting Cyman System! Please do drop a nice review on Google Play, and leave us feedback on our contact page to keep improving!

We have been busy with other things for the time being and will be on a break soon. But thought we would leave you with a few updates based on popular feedback.

You can now call the app Jarvis - or any other nickname!
- For example: "change your name to Jarvis"
Set reminders for your friends!
- For example: "remind Rhodey to pack my dvd tonight"
Send quick texts in one sentence
- For example: "text Pepper saying I am going to be late again"
The option to have Cyman use your browser for every web link
- Say "set browser to external" to always open in an external browser.
- Say "set browser to internal" to open web pages within the Cyman application (in most cases)

All these updates have made their way into your system without having to update your app... enjoy!
We have been silent for a while - no updates in the last 3 weeks and no blog posts.  But that does not mean we have not been busy! We have been reading all (and I mean all) of your feedback through our website, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube sites and figuring out the features you want the most... and indeed the features you like the most which we can improve.  Not to mention thinking about the Desktop Cyman Mark 1 platform along with integration with the Android Cyman Mark 2.  Let us not forget we are thinking about an iPhone app for the Cyman Mark 2...

Add to that our regular day jobs and life changes, and what you have is a long period of silence.  But we will be back with awesome innovation - a lot of which comes from your own suggestions!

So please don't stop giving feedback, do give us a good rating on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyman.android) if you feel we deserve it, +1 the app and our website, and if you have it in you - please donate using PayPal!

In the meantime, we will be getting some fresh ideas for Cyman from Iron Man's JARVIS in the new Marvel's Avengers Assemble movie!