If you have been keeping up with Cyman's updates on Google Play, you would have noticed we have been giving Cyman a much-needed makeover.  The latest updates for Cyman Mark 2 (version 2.25) allow you to even change the text background colours for both yourself and Cyman.

Apart from other obvious visual changes, some of your queries to Cyman are now answered with supporting imagery (see the images below). Not to mention the news feed reports are a lot more presentable.  Try asking Cyman to "get news about the new iPhone" for instance.

Other recent updates:
  • Facebook updates! Try telling Cyman: "Change my Facebook status to This status was created by Cyman"
  • More intelligent responses from Cyman
  • Cyman remains silent if your phone is on silent or vibrate
  • Search for movies nearby.  Try asking Cyman: "What movies are showing nearby"

As ever, we have exciting updates coming... on a non-Android platform...

Marilee Luera
3/10/2012 05:54:25 am

I like the new updates!!! Thank you!!!!

8/10/2012 01:28:20 pm

You guys should keep working on this. Its going great! I'll pay for the finished version! Or at least the closest to finished as you can get!


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