We hope you have been noticing the continual improvements of Cyman in the background, as well as the official upgrades.  Your feedback through our website is very valuable to us, and we try as best as possible to address them in our releases.

One such example, is a throwaway comment by a fan on our Google+ page hoping we would make the vibration alert during reminders optional.  This feature has made its way into version 1.7, along with the ability to...
  • Share Cyman with your friends by SMS, Facebook, Google+, Email and lots more
  • Copy text from any of the text boxes by long pressing it
  • Auto run mode for the scheduled commands.

At this point we should probably explain something.  With Cyman, you can either set reminders for yourself, or reminders for Cyman (called scheduled commands/tasks).  For instance, "Remind me to do the washing up at 9pm" will set a reminder for yourself.  At 9pm, Cyman will notify you and you can postpone it or mark it completed.  However if you said "Remember to get the tube status on the Northern line at 9pm", then one of two things can happen:

1. If auto run mode is off, Cyman will notify you that it has a scheduled task to perform, which you can choose to execute or postpone.
2. If auto run mode is on, Cyman will go ahead and execute the command at 9pm without further prompting.

We have many more exciting ideas to implement, but please bear with us!

Do spread the word about the Cyman Mark 2 app, and rate us on Google Play! We very much appreciate your support!
Moyses Morais
8/5/2012 11:29:48 am

Is it possible to make voice in the android app?

Cyman Says
9/5/2012 11:30:31 pm

Hi Moyses, our focus has mainly been on functionality, so for the moment we use the voices that are available on user's devices.


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