We have been busy... so busy that it has not been easy to improve Cyman's features as fast as we would have liked.  But we finally managed to include a couple of features that the majority of users have asked for, but the bad news is that going forward, we are unable to support Android v2.1. We really want to take Cyman places, and we need later editions of Android to do so - update your Android device!

- An omnipresent Cyman icon in the notification bar.  
From any application, you can tap the notification icon to speak to Cyman directly.

- Cyman can read your incoming texts
If you turn on "read text" mode from your Cyman menu, Cyman will read your texts as they arrive.  A feature to reply straightaway will come soon.

- Cyman can tweet on  your behalf
To allow Cyman access to tweet for you, give him the command "authorise my twitter" and follow the steps on the resulting web page. Eventually you will be given a pin code which you need to type and send back to Cyman.  After thatyou can tweet away like the screenshot on the left!

- The UI has had some minor changes

We have also included the ability to control whether you hear Cyman's battery alerts or not (for those of you who have discovered that he does this!)

We are still working on that "other platform", and this release has a hidden feature to facilitate that... watch this space!

Thank you for supporting Cyman System! Please do drop a nice review on Google Play, and leave us feedback on our contact page to keep improving!

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