When we released Cyman Mark 2 version 2.07, we included an option in your preferences called "Test latest brain".  What does that do?

We are continually improving Cyman's intelligence and understanding, and have done so with your help over the past months.  We are making more radical changes to Cyman's intelligence behind the scenes, which eventually will be Cyman's new "brain".  Before we unleash this to everyone as a default, we need our testers' feedback on it (that's you).

You can test it by ticking "Test latest brain" in your preferences. Your conversations from that point will communicate with a (hopefully) more intelligent Cyman. If you discover serious errors (which you have not encountered before) please let us know through our website:http://www.cymansystem.com or emailing cyman.system@gmail.com.

You can always switch back to the regular Cyman brain by un-ticking that option.

Some of you are already doing this, and we appreciate your feedback! 

Other version 2.07 changes include:
- Cyman staying on in the foreground even if your screen is locked (for your morning alarm or scheduled reminders)
- Clearing a bit of space to see more of your conversation 

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