We have been busy with other things for the time being and will be on a break soon. But thought we would leave you with a few updates based on popular feedback.

You can now call the app Jarvis - or any other nickname!
- For example: "change your name to Jarvis"
Set reminders for your friends!
- For example: "remind Rhodey to pack my dvd tonight"
Send quick texts in one sentence
- For example: "text Pepper saying I am going to be late again"
The option to have Cyman use your browser for every web link
- Say "set browser to external" to always open in an external browser.
- Say "set browser to internal" to open web pages within the Cyman application (in most cases)

All these updates have made their way into your system without having to update your app... enjoy!
13/5/2012 02:18:08 am

Hey how you doing, Thanks for the app man, is more them i imagine and looking for, and runs very well.
Have plans to make a translate for portuguese?

17/5/2012 07:19:13 am

would it be possible to try to program a male voice to be realistic to a typical male voice? Maybe even better process the female voice you already have/.

20/5/2012 12:19:52 pm

Just use SVOX and pick the british voice!

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