Cyman Mark 3 extension for Chrome arrived last week just in the nick of time!  You can download CM3x from the Chrome Web Store.  So those using Chrome on their Mac and PC can talk to Cyman too! This is our closest product to the kind of J.A.R.V.I.S System witnessed in the Iron Man 3 movie given you can easily talk with Cyman by calling out his name!

Currently, just like the Android app, Cyman Mark 2, CM3x uses the text-to-speech voices already installed on your computer.  So if you'd like a British male voice you can check around for one to download.  In future we will bring you a better voice to override your system voice.

This is in an alpha state right now and there are a few known bugs here and there but we are working on them.  Please do rate us on the Chrome Web Store, and if you use Cyman Mark 2 then do rate us on Google Play!

We will be taking a short break next week, so we will not be able to answer your queries immediately, but rest assured we will read them all when we get back.  We really appreciate your support for Cyman, but any donation will be greatly appreciated.  Without donations, we won't be able to develop quickly and keep the apps free! Thank you to those that have.

15/5/2013 07:23:45 pm

Hello ! CM3 is perfect thanks for your work ! and ...perhaps in french too ? :)

12/9/2013 11:39:08 pm

Hey guyz .... Ths iz totally awsumm .... Great work .. :-) keep up d same rythm ..... All d best ... My full support for u guyz ...

26/9/2013 09:57:21 pm

This System is perfect it all ways ! i just downloaded it on my Android and my laptop. THANK YOU SO MUCH !


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