Cyman Mark 3 extension for Chrome arrived last week just in the nick of time!  You can download CM3x from the Chrome Web Store.  So those using Chrome on their Mac and PC can talk to Cyman too! This is our closest product to the kind of J.A.R.V.I.S System witnessed in the Iron Man 3 movie given you can easily talk with Cyman by calling out his name!

Currently, just like the Android app, Cyman Mark 2, CM3x uses the text-to-speech voices already installed on your computer.  So if you'd like a British male voice you can check around for one to download.  In future we will bring you a better voice to override your system voice.

This is in an alpha state right now and there are a few known bugs here and there but we are working on them.  Please do rate us on the Chrome Web Store, and if you use Cyman Mark 2 then do rate us on Google Play!

We will be taking a short break next week, so we will not be able to answer your queries immediately, but rest assured we will read them all when we get back.  We really appreciate your support for Cyman, but any donation will be greatly appreciated.  Without donations, we won't be able to develop quickly and keep the apps free! Thank you to those that have.

Just over a week ago, we gave you all the opportunity to win Marvel's The Avengers 6-disc blu-ray box set with the winner and runner up both winning our Cyman Mark 3 Chrome app free!

All you had to do was take a video describing what you like about our Cyman Mark 2 Android app in the most interesting way with various examples.

Our winner is Kerry Jones! The link to the winning video is right here - http://tinyurl.com/cm3winner. He showed several examples of his daily usage of Cyman and how it relates to his job.  Well done Kerry! We will be in contact with you for your home address so we can send the Avengers box set to you.  

Our runner up was Craig Bennett II.  Both Kerry and Craig will have access to Cyman Mark 3 to beta test, and will also be able to use the app for free when it is released in the Chrome web store.  Well done to both of you!

Take a look at the video for a sneak peak of Cyman Mark 3 in progress... and for the release date!

Cyman, your favourite digital butler built with Iron Man’s JARVIS in mind, has been on Android as Cyman Mark 2.  Now Cyman Mark 3 is coming to Google Chrome, and you have a chance to get it free!

What do I do?

Create a video showing your favourite Cyman Mark 2 features.
Upload the video and share with us on:
- Twitter (@cymansystem)
- Google+ (+Cyman System)
- Facebook (@J.A.R.V.I.S System)

Be sure to tag us, hash tag with #CM3iscoming, and make the video public so we can see!
The Cyman System team will choose the winning videos.

Competition ends 14th April 23:59 BST

What do I win?

If your video is among the best chosen by the Cyman System team...
You will have a chance to play with Cyman Mark 3 in beta form and give initial feedback.
When Cyman Mark 3 is released, you will have it for free!

If you have the best video chosen by us...
You can win a copy of “Marvel’s Avengers Assembles” 6-disc blu-ray box-set which includes:
Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers!

Judging criteria

All we’re looking for is:
- Creativity
- A range of functions demonstrated
- Enthusiasm

Any Questions?

Comment, tweet, or email us at the following addresses:





Terms & Conditions

- The winners will be decided by the Cyman System team

- Must be one entry per user

- Your video may be used as promotional material by the Cyman System team

- If you have a winning video, we will need feedback on your usage of Cyman

- You don’t need to own Cyman Mark 2, you just need to create the video with a friend’s app!

- This competition is promoted by the Cyman System team, and the Cyman System team’s decision is final.

- No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.

- The Cyman System team do not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries due to Internet or email problems. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.

- Entry into the competition will be taken as agreement to the terms and conditions.

Happy new year to all!

It has been a while since our last blog entry.  The Christmas period was a very busy one, which meant the releases over the last three months have mainly been bug fixes to Cyman Mark 2 for Android.  Thank you to all who have been sending us email, Google+ posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube comments and reviews on Google Play! They have really helped us nail down the bugs we have been able to fix.  Even if you do not get a response, rest assured that we read all the messages and act on them.

Aside from the fixes, we have also brought to you:
- A hang man game you can play by voice with Cyman
- The ability to plan journeys based on time: for example, "I need to get to London Victoria by 4pm"
- Use of the more natural sounding British voice for Jelly Bean Android users, which Google Voice also uses

So what will 2013 bring? We are approaching a year since Cyman Mark 2 was released, and we want to make sure you get something new this year.  The inspiration for Cyman came from the JARVIS System from Iron Man, and given Iron Man 3 will be released this year, we will be gathering a lot of fresh ideas!

This year we will bring to you (among other things):

- An updated Cyman Mark 2 with many more widgets
- A more teachable Cyman
- A more proactive Cyman
- Cyman Mark 3 for Google Chrome, bringing Cyman to the masses on the web, and allows you to use Cyman on your home PC's before Cyman Mark 1 is released!

Please keep providing feedback, give us reviews and star ratings on Google Play, and spread the word about your favourite digital butler!

Many of you over the past few months have requested widgets.  Widgets is a direction we have always wanted to go.  (Just take a look at the screens Tony Stark looks at).  Cyman Mark 3 (Cyman on Chrome) will come with web widgets too when it is released.

To that end, in Cyman version 2.4+ we released not 1, not 2, but 3 new widgets to summarise bits of information Cyman has been keeping for you:
  • Speech button widget - for direct access to talk to Cyman
  • Alarm notice widget - to let you know when Cyman will next wake you up
  • Impending reminders widget - which lets you know the next few reminders only up to 24 hours in advance.

There will be many more widgets to come, not to mention improvements on these existing ones.

Other improvements include:

- Cyman wakes you up with the same volume as your alarm volume setting on your device.  So there is no problem putting your phone on silent before bed.

- Cyman can help you plan your journeys.   Simply tell Cyman "journey to London Bridge by car", or ask "how long is it to Sheffield by public transport" for example, and he will let you know how long your journey might take.

You have been very good in sending your bugs and suggestions to our email address or through our contact us page.  Keep this up, and we will ensure you have a better product!

If you have been keeping up with Cyman's updates on Google Play, you would have noticed we have been giving Cyman a much-needed makeover.  The latest updates for Cyman Mark 2 (version 2.25) allow you to even change the text background colours for both yourself and Cyman.

Apart from other obvious visual changes, some of your queries to Cyman are now answered with supporting imagery (see the images below). Not to mention the news feed reports are a lot more presentable.  Try asking Cyman to "get news about the new iPhone" for instance.

Other recent updates:
  • Facebook updates! Try telling Cyman: "Change my Facebook status to This status was created by Cyman"
  • More intelligent responses from Cyman
  • Cyman remains silent if your phone is on silent or vibrate
  • Search for movies nearby.  Try asking Cyman: "What movies are showing nearby"

As ever, we have exciting updates coming... on a non-Android platform...

When we released Cyman Mark 2 version 2.07, we included an option in your preferences called "Test latest brain".  What does that do?

We are continually improving Cyman's intelligence and understanding, and have done so with your help over the past months.  We are making more radical changes to Cyman's intelligence behind the scenes, which eventually will be Cyman's new "brain".  Before we unleash this to everyone as a default, we need our testers' feedback on it (that's you).

You can test it by ticking "Test latest brain" in your preferences. Your conversations from that point will communicate with a (hopefully) more intelligent Cyman. If you discover serious errors (which you have not encountered before) please let us know through our website:http://www.cymansystem.com or emailing cyman.system@gmail.com.

You can always switch back to the regular Cyman brain by un-ticking that option.

Some of you are already doing this, and we appreciate your feedback! 

Other version 2.07 changes include:
- Cyman staying on in the foreground even if your screen is locked (for your morning alarm or scheduled reminders)
- Clearing a bit of space to see more of your conversation 

We have been busy... so busy that it has not been easy to improve Cyman's features as fast as we would have liked.  But we finally managed to include a couple of features that the majority of users have asked for, but the bad news is that going forward, we are unable to support Android v2.1. We really want to take Cyman places, and we need later editions of Android to do so - update your Android device!

- An omnipresent Cyman icon in the notification bar.  
From any application, you can tap the notification icon to speak to Cyman directly.

- Cyman can read your incoming texts
If you turn on "read text" mode from your Cyman menu, Cyman will read your texts as they arrive.  A feature to reply straightaway will come soon.

- Cyman can tweet on  your behalf
To allow Cyman access to tweet for you, give him the command "authorise my twitter" and follow the steps on the resulting web page. Eventually you will be given a pin code which you need to type and send back to Cyman.  After thatyou can tweet away like the screenshot on the left!

- The UI has had some minor changes

We have also included the ability to control whether you hear Cyman's battery alerts or not (for those of you who have discovered that he does this!)

We are still working on that "other platform", and this release has a hidden feature to facilitate that... watch this space!

Thank you for supporting Cyman System! Please do drop a nice review on Google Play, and leave us feedback on our contact page to keep improving!

Cyman Mark 2, version 1.91

We have finally made our first official update since our break.  This update features two of the most asked about improvements:

- Saving texts sent through Cyman
- Having a British male voice for those not on Android 4.0 and above

The male voice is experimental mind you, the experience is not as smooth as using your native Android voice.  But for those who nickname their app to "Jarvis" using Android 2.3 and below, it might be what you needed!

Work is continuing on a surprise feature...on a different platform!

In the last month or so (coincidentally after Marvel's Avengers was released) we experienced a large increase in Cyman users.  Given we are in alpha, we were very pleased! At the same time, we found we were not able to respond to every email anymore, and we've had a couple of server issues.  But know that each and every one of your emails, Google+ posts, Facebook posts and YouTube comments are read, and feedback is noted.

This new 1.81 release comes with some of the most popular suggestions.  We prioritised our improvements according to what you wanted.  The result?
  • Play music from your default music player
  • Conversation mode! (See settings)
  • Activate speech at any time with the voice dialling button on your bluetooth earpiece
  • Activate speech with your hands-free media button (as long as the setting is turned on)
  • Setting to announce your reminder item
  • Updated examples in settings menu
  • Crash/stability fixes
  • Android 4.0 ICS users:
  • UI updates
  • Your settings menu is now visible!
We are about to have a short break (and we were not intending to release another version until after we were back... but we couldn't help it!We won't be gone for long, but please do support us by 5-star-ing our app on Google Play, or giving us a +1 there!  As always, keep sending us feedback through our Contact Page.  Don't you worry, we have not forgotten about Cyman Mark 1... or about iOS...